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Newark or PHL are easy. Forget JFK just too much hard work and look out for the odd JFK transfer that entails transferring to La Guardia.
Would agree with bus driver,

Whilst JFK may have more travel options, it is a large busy airport with multiple terminals, so I'd avoid if you can.

Newark is OK but can also be busy. Try not to have a tight connection.

Not done PHL.
Thanks so much for replies, I think Newark only has 3 terminals, and I emailed Continental Airlines and they said I would remain in the same terminal for a transfer, that's if it was a Continental flight.
Newark and Philadelphia are user-friendly. Avoid JFK if possible.
We had this dilemma when we booked our Hawaii/California trip - we live between Manchester and Birmingham but ended up driving to London and flying direct to LA, then onwards to Hawaii. It only took 2 1/2 hours to drive to LHR and we managed to get a hotel for the night before the flight and 21 days parking (on site at the hotel, keys stayed with us) for about £130.
Came to the conclusion that I'd rather have a 2-3 hour drive than face another pair of connections ;)
PHL is fine. Lines tend to be short. We usually transfer there as we tend to fly with US Airways out of Glasgow.

A few years back we would occasionally get good deals with Continental but the length of the lines at immigration was quite variable. We stopped off there a couple of times and were glad we were stopping as the transfer would have been very tight otherwise due to the lines!

I'd recommend PHL.
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