Actually in Turkey, there are rafting rivers in each region. The waterways that make up the rafting trails of our country are quite large even for a not rich country in terms of water. It allows us to do all the river sports, especially rafting on each side of our country, and attracts foreign tourists as well as it entertains us. Especially Coruh River, Manavgat River, Melen, Antalya Beskonak, Dalaman Stream, Koprucay, Alara Stream and Dim Stream are our most popular rafting rivers.
[*]Coruh River – Artvin[/*]To give information about Coruh River, one of the most valuable rivers of our country, Coruh which is one of the fastest flowing rivers of the world is 466 km. After passing from our country through several provinces, it falls from Georgia to the Black Sea. After Bayburt, in which the river starts to flow, it goes about 260 km from Ispir and Yusufeli route to Artvin. There are 4 different stages for rafting in Coruh.
  • Bayburt-Ispir: 0-106 km: Difficulty level 2-3
  • Ispir-Camlikaya: 106-134 km: Difficulty level 3,4,5
  • Camlikaya-Tekhale: 134-178 km: Difficulty level 3,4,5
  • Tekkale-Artvin: 178-261 km: Difficulty level 2, 3,4,5
[*]Dalaman Stream – Mugla[/*]Located between Turkey’s paradise like districts -Marmaris and Fethiye-, Dalaman River is 229 km long. It pours into the sea from the distance of 8 km to Ortaca by descending from Goktepe and Yaylacık mountains of Taurus Mountains. Rafting can be done all year round thanks to being close to touristic places. September and October is the period when the water level is rising and the difficulty level of the course is between 3-4. It drops down to 2 in Akkoprü.
[*]Storm River, Valley and Ayder Plateau – Rize[/*]Storm River which is one of the important ones of our rivers in Eastern Black Sea is only 57 km. long. With tea gardens and belt bridges, rafting is an undisputed tourist attraction in Rize, The track has an approximately 22 km-long adventure starting around the natural beauty of Camlihemsin. The difficulty level of the course is at levels 3, 4 and 5, depending on the season. Extra attention should be paid to the rainy season.
[*]Melen Creek – Duzce[/*]With the effect of the closest rafting to Istanbul, Melen Creek is one of the most popular rafting track in Turkey. It is also one of the nearest rafting trails to Ankara. Melen in Düzce is 2.5 hours to these two big cities, which is a great stop for the weekend rafting enjoyment. The rafting approach only lasts about 1.5 hours on a 16 km track and the runway is classified as difficulty level 3. It can fall to 2 in off-season seasons.
[*]İkizdere River – Rize[/*]The Ikizdere River in Rize, a natural beauty of the Black Sea, has a 25-kilometer three-stage park. Various regional competitions are held in the region. Rize Governor’s Rafting Championship is one of them. We will add Anzer Plateau trip, it will take about 1.5 hours for the weekend to escape to a pleasant Black Sea vacation and it is very entertaining. The only problem is that tour operators do not organize regular tours for this place. Difficulty levels 1,2, and 3.
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[*]Dragon Creek (Anamur) – Mersin[/*]Dragon River (Anamur Stream) is about 35 km. length. It is born from the skirts of the Taurus Mountains and merges with Kas, Masat and Gökce creeks. The rafting course, starting from the point where the sword creek merges with the Anamur stream, is about 10 km. It ends in Alakoyu in the south. Starting point can be reached on Anamur – 15 km from Caltibuku village on the 12th kilometer of Ermenek road. Difficulty grade: some parts of the runway with 1, 2 and it can be 3 depending on the season.
[*]Koprucay – Antalya[/*]36 thousand hectares of Koprulu Canyon National Park composes of a part of Köprüçay and the historical city of Selge. The rafting difficulty level of the Köprüçay track, which is the largest Mediterranean service forest in our country in the national park is at the 2-3 level. A region of approximately 10-12 km offers pleasant hours to sports lovers.
[*]Bekili Stream & Cal Creek – Denizli[/*]Discovered by the super-governor Recep Yazicioglu, Bekili Valley is not very suitable for amateurs. Rafting can be done on the 9.5-kilometer track in 3-4 difficulty levels and in 4 seasons. On the same river, there is a second 11 km long track that runs from Cal Regulator to Haneci Bridge. Difficulty level is 1 and amateurs and tourists are rafting more on this track. It takes nearly two hours to complete Cal Creek.
[*]Zamanti River – Kayseri[/*]The 13-kilometer section of the 21-kilometer in the Yahyali district section is used for rafting. It consists of 8 tracks. It is more suitable for professionals and organized by tour companies. The total course is completed in about 2 hours. Rafting season is in May and June, and at the beginning of July. Places to be seen in the surroundings: Yedigoller, Kapuzbasi and Derebag Waterfalls, Hacer Forests, Aksu canyon, Zamantı canyon.
[*]Manavgat Stream – Antalya[/*]Manavgat Stream, which has a high rafting difficulty level, is one of the most popular rafting tracks in our country due to its proximity to tourist attractions and centers, although it is a bit risky for amateurs. It should be done with a guide of professional athletes. There are three canyons at the starting point, and this course runs through 3-4-5 difficulty waterfalls.