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I've not seen lifeboats but they all have life jackets and flotation devices, also there are a lot of boats around so you would be picked up quite quickly.

I personally feel safe in the boats, if the sea is very rough they ask everyone to goto the lower deck, only heard of that happening once.

am not too worried about it if there are going to be a lot of other boats in the area, i just had a picture of myself trying to tread water for hours holding my kid in the air! :lol:
Going here shortly and just wondered if there were any boat trips where numbers are restricted. Went on one last year in Icmeler where the number was restricted to 25 and really enjoyed it. Just don't fancy some of the 'cattlle-trucks' we have seen. The one we went on was booked through the reps and so was a little dearer but well worth it.
I would suggest getting a Dolmus to Fethiye and catching a boat from there. There is a lot more choice of trips and size of boat. We strolled along the harbour and picked up leaflets to look at over a drink then went back and haggled and booked trips for later in the week. If you book in Olu or Hisaronu they will provide transport to Fethiye. Also, at Olu Deniz you get on the boat from the beach so it is a bit tricky if it is rough. Waiting for the boat to leave you really get bounced around in the breakers. My son felt seasick before we sailed.
I agree with that. We were in Olu last month & watched people having a dreadful time trying to get on & off the boats. The gangplanks were going up & down like seesaws! The trip to Dalyan is very pleasant with a nice boat trip down the river, time at the mudbaths & at Dalyan beach.
Going to fabulous Leda Hotel in Ovacik on Friday for third consecutive year and can't wait. Just wondered if those who've recently returned could post best prices found for trips this year i.e. paragliding/islands boat trips/jeep safari/quad bikes etc. Thanks and I'll do the same when we return
Was in Hisaronu back in June. Picked up a few flyers from some of the local tour operators.
Paragliding prices range from £50 to £65
12 island boat tour From £6 to £10
Daily boat trips around the bay come in around £6 to £7
Jeep safari comes in at £15
Quad bike £20
Microlight £55 (can only find price from one flyer).
Where the prices give a range, they are from three or four flyers. Some of the trips are the same price from all the flyers I have.
There are loads of other trips available, such Saklikent Gorge, Fethyie Market, village tours etc etc.
Just stroll round Hisaronu, you'll soon end up with a whole trees worth of flyers from the tour operators. :D

Paragliding prices range from £50 to £65 but haggle and you will get the lower price
12 island boat tour From £6 to £12 again haggle you will get a discount
Daily boat trips around the bay come in around £6 to £7
Jeep safari comes in at £15
Quad bike £20
Microlight £55 fly south this is the only company at present doing this from hisaronu /ovacik
its been a quite season so far so haggling will get you a better deal
We did two trips earlier this month, 12 islands and the mud bath/turtle beach. The mud bath was great and we enjoyed the boat trip to turtle beach and I would recomend this. The 12 islands was a disipointment but I think we got it on the wrong day. There was no guide on board so did not have a clue unless I asked. There was also a lot of 20+ year old turkish men on board that seemed to be friends of the captain and it seemed more of a jolly for them with them jumping off the boat when it was going and taking 15 mins to turn round and pick them up. By the end of the day we were just bored and did not seem to see anything.
We did the Paragliding trip with pegas (partner and kids said it was amazing)£45 I believe that to be the going price at the moment.
The diving trip we booked through easyriders in Hisaronu,picked up from our hotel and taken 2 Fethyie to board the boat and dropped back off at our hotel in the evening £24 each for divers and myself who wasnt diving £9. That included our lunch.
Because we booked the diving trip throu easyriders we got the 6 Island trip leavin from Olu half price £1.50 adult 75p for the kids. Great value for money and excellent day out. :D
I saw a link on here to a British run company that runs boat trips out of Hisaronu & Fethiye but cannot for the life of me find it again!!

Can anyone help or recommend any good ones as we go on Thurs :-)
Been to Turkey a few times but first trip to Olu Deniz region, flying from Newcastle this Friday.

Staying at the Tlos hotel in Ovacik. Neighbouring resorts of Olu Deniz and Hisaronu seem to offer most by way of beach and nightlife respectively, is this the case?

Any recommendations for trips?

yes definitely the case theres not a lot in ovacik except more hotels, fethiye is also not far from ovacik about 4-5 miles away and has a lovely harbour, good selection or bars, shops etc. i personally prefer olu deniz but thats my personal choice not as busy as hisaronu, hisaronu has more bars, shops ,restaurants than olu deniz has, hisaronu is only about 1-2 miles away depending which end of ovacik you are in and olu approx another 2 miles down a winding big hill, olu is the main beach area with water sports ,boat trips etc, although i think there are boat trips to one of the greek islands from fethiye, it really depends on what sort of holiday you want to where is the best place for you
Hello fellow holidaymakers!

Hubby and I have booked to go to the Karbel Sun Hotel in Olu Deniz on 10th September, never been to Olu before so I'm hoping we've made a good decision!

We've been reading up on all the trips you can do; we like the sound of the jeep safari and the 6 island boat trip. Has anyone been on these, if so, any good? Who are the best people to book with when we are there?

Will the weather still be warm in September too; or will I need a cardi for the evenings?

Many thanks,
Donna 8)
The weather will be great. Hot during the day but cool enough at night to let you sleep well. You might need a cardi late in the evening.
The jeep safari is great fun. Ask whats included before you book. The good ones will NOT expect you to visit a carpet factory or similar. We loved the horseriding at Perma Ranch and the quad biking was fun.
Hi DLR13

We stayed in Olu Deniz in July, and we booked all our trips with Easy Riders.

They are really friendly and have been operating for about 13 years, if I remember rightly. There is 2 guys there called Phillip and George, and depending on how many trips you book, they throw in a free one.

They are right on the sea front at Olu Deniz, you should be able to find them easily.

Have a great time, we are also returning in July, 3rd time = cant wait!! :D
Oh and we went at the end of October for a week, and the weather was late 20's EVERY day, little chilly later on in the evenings, but certainly not cold. It was however cold in the hotel rooms, we had the heating on, and the pools were freezing. But I would say Sept is much milder, we left on 31st Oct which was nearly NOVEMBER, and we got a fantastic tan!!
hi DLR13
im sure you will enjoy your stay at the karbel group of hotels olu is brill and there is so much to do and is very easy to get dolmuses to either fethiye or hisaronu from the terminus at the bottom and cheap as has been said previously there are alot of places to book trips from my advise is to shop around till you get the deal you want
check out the olu deniz web cam on buzz bar its great viewing useally starts in march
You can check out Fethiye Tours, they have fair prices.
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