The House of God in early Ottoman style was commissioned by Sultan Bayezid I and built between 1396 and 1399. Among other mosques in Bursa, the Great Mosque is exemplary for early Ottoman monumental buildings.
In the centre of Bursa is the Great Mosque, which was built in the year 1379. Ulu Camii was named this mosque and was built under the Sultan Murat I. It can still be seen today that this is a so – called Pillar Mosque, which is typical of Turkey. Influences from the Seljuk heritage are also visible. It lies on the Atatürk Street and the entrance is accompanied by two minarets and leads directly into the large pier Hall.
The Pillars Are Connected By Pointed ArchesThe central dome in this area points to an original courtyard and also a well basin that lies below indicates the same fact. Praying come here to pray on elevated pedestals. The square pillars and the walls are embellished with calligraphy. This includes the name. In addition, the Mimber from the 14th century is worth seeing as it is made of cedar.
Things You Can Do Near The MosqueThe Silk Bazaar, the hidden market and many large markets in Bursa are just a few steps away from the Bursa mosque you can visit the clothing market, the vegetable market, the gold store and much more.
Almost 200 inscriptions of large calligraphers from time cover the walls inside the Grand Mosque. Despite its overall size, the interior is lit and creates a calm and familiar atmosphere. A fountain, where visitors perform ritual washes, stands under one of the domes, and is illuminated from above by a skylight.