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Awful situation for her & her family.

Banks insurances are very basic, pity no-one checked her policy especially due to her age & the area she was visiting.
There was a piece on Rip Off the other morning about a couple who found out after cancelling a cruise (when they missed their connecting flight) that they weren't even covered for a cruise!!
Have only just picked up this story. First thought is quite simple - why don't people read/check their insurance policy before going on holiday!!

Having said that, it took something liked 8 cruises before it occurred to either of us that maybe we should have cruise cover as well as ordinary travel cover!!!! Clearly we were very lucky that problems didn't arise.

Second thought, why do people have to resort to asking strangers for money in these circumstances? What happened to taking responsibility for your own actions?

Meanwhile, I hope the lady is getting better and if not yet home, will be soon.
why don't people read/check their insurance policy before going on holiday!!

Ever tried to read an Insurance Policy or T&Cs?

Whilst many people do try most give up. Pages of very small print filled with terminology (intentionlly) difficult to understand.
Surely she should have picked up the fact that her insurance said Europe and not worldwide or maybe she thought Mexico was Europe!!!
I reckon that most people dont read the small print and may find themselves uninsured when they make a claim and the insurers get their records from their GP which will show any undiscloed illnesses and prescribed meds.
@Babs135 - yes ,very sad - but one has to wonder about the lack of common sense shown by the lady as she clearly was suffering from a number of serious conditions before travelling on her own to a remote part of the globe.
A sad story and the only ones to loose out financially are the ones who provided her care. Perhaps proof of adequate medical assistnce cover will need to provided before any cruise passengers receive asssistance. However ther wou;d still be an issue when any claim is investigated prior to payout that the insurers may at that point say the insured had not been honest re any existing conditions.
It's important to thoroughly review and understand the terms and coverage of any insurance policy before relying on it. In the future, it may be worth considering purchasing additional travel insurance or medical evacuation insurance. In order to avoid such problems, it is necessary to carefully choose insurance, therefore, I recommend reaching out to a professional insurance broker, such as, for assistance in navigating the insurance process and potentially finding alternative options for coverage or financial assistance. They have expertise in insurance and can provide valuable guidance and support during this challenging time.
that's a really sad situation, that's why I always check my insurance policy before going on holiday
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