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Hanoi- 3 days
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I don't think I would want to visit Hanoi without seeing Halong Bay, for most people it's the highlight of a Hanoi visit. Though I'm sure as you say there is plenty to keep you occupied during the 3 1/2 days you will be there.

I don't have any recommendations for the capital as I've only visited the south of Vietnam. I've been to one or two places where I didn't see most of what was on offer and told myself I can always return, Vietnam being one of those places. I thought I would one day visit the north and centre of the country plus take the Victoria train to Sapa in the mountains near the border with China. It never happened. One or two other places I thought I would return I now wished I had taken the opportunity to see all what was available at the time.

Maybe Halong Bay isn't all it's made out to be, but even with the chance of a cancellation I would be tempted to book a trip, what's a few hours extra travelling when you have luxury of recovering at the Centara to look forward to.

The hotel in Hanoi looks lovely Fiona.
yes we may yet try Halong Bay Judith :) But I do like people watching and loved Saigon for that. Its just so different. I chose to go to Hanoi this time just for the fact that we keep thinking we will fit in an entire holiday in Vietnam but have never got round to it. we are kind of limited on the times of year we can go. Once I'm retired it might be easier to go when the weather is at its best. :)
The hotel is really cheap but also exactly where we wanted to be. Its the no. 1 hotel in another hotel review site ;)
Hi Fiona,

No suggestions, sorry, but will be very interested in your experience of Hanoi in the summer. We are struggling a bit as I think the Hyatt in Sanur, Bali will still be in the process of being renovated. We tried Mauritius earlier this year and really struggle with late summer (UK) time. We do love SE Asia.

Interesting to know that you will also be returning to the Centara, Hua Hin. We will be back there in March, for a complete chill for a full three weeks - nothing else planned. Just be spoiled in the club (and pampered)! :sun2


Three weeks? You must be loaded!! :D
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