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have never been to ibiza before or any of the balearics,we usally go to the greek islands,we are both in our early 60's(young!!)we are booked in at the hotel esero,es cana, next week,wadduyu think?
I'm sure you will enjoy it.theres something for everyone in Es cana.I have stayed at the Ereso twice and found it excellent.

Make sure you go on the ferry to Santa Eulalia and Ibiza Town,2 very nice towns.Could also reccomend the coastal walk to Santa Eulalia if you feel energetic.
Hi :wave ,
We did'nt stay at the Ereso but we did stay in Es cana in September 04,We loved every minute of it :D .We found Es cana to have a very relaxing feel to it and the locals were very friendly and helpful.

I would also recommend that you use the ferries to go to places like Santa eulalia,Cala Llonga and Ibiza town, Do try the walk from Es cana to Santa eulalia you won't regret it it is beautiful we went with my 79 year old Gran and she loved it,She said it was what she imagined the Caribean to look like.

Give it a try I think you'll love it.
Hiya Tofog68,

do you know how long the walk from santa eulalia to es cana (the other way round) takes?

Is it along the coast & are there any bars/snack places to call in?

It sounds like a lovely walk, wouldn't mind doing that myself :)


Jo x
Hi jolou,

Yes from what I remember it is all on the coast with 2 or 3 lovely beach bars.
Depending on how fast you walk it will probably take between 45 mins to about an hour but the walk and the views are terrific.To be honest we only got as far as Cala pada beach maybe another member could help you from here,But try it it really is a lovely walk.
Hi there

We have booked a family room for 5 at the Ereso in June and was wondering if anybody had ever stayed in one or seen one.

Family rooms for 2 adults and 3 children are like gold dust so am concerned that they just squeeze an extra bed into a family room for 4.

Our children are 14, 10 and 2 so we do need the space and at least 4 full size beds. The little one could go in a cot if space was limited. I'd rather this than be falling over each other.

Also, does anybody know whether these rooms overlook the pool area or the main road. I don't see the point in requesting a pool view when there are probably only a few of these rooms anway all probably with the same vie/none view.

Thanks in advance
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Kath HT Admin
We stayed there last year and loved it, it was a great hotel. We had a "normal" room overlooking the pool and it was basic but fine (and spotlessly clean). We spoke to a family who had a family room and they said that the room was quite large with plenty of space but I'm not sure if it was at the front or back of the hotel.

Hope you have as much fun there as we did!
Hi - we have just returned from this hotel, we went for a week from the 4th may, 2007 it was a fantastic holiday - the hotel was superb, food good hotel room adequate with a ceiling fan which was sufficient even though the temperature reached 28degrees in early May, couldn't believe how hot it was.

Es Cana is a lovely relaxing resort, with plenty to do, obviously being the lst week of the season, not everywhere was open, but towards the end of the week it started coming alive with more families and they were erecting the little funfair then.

Only drawback to the hotel going this early, was it was full of Spanish pensioners on free holidays provided by the government, they were very rude and arrogant and pushed us out of the way in the dining room, and so loud. Just wouldn't go this week again to this hotel, and apparently the Miami hotel take them as well.
Bongo, were Marco, Savio and John still working there on the animation team? They were there last year and where very good.

The entertainer was sebasian and a spanish lad (really good looking) dont know his name.

Only stayed in 1 night for entertainment for the drag act, quite good, used to go to Charlies bar for music.
Woohooooo!!! Just booked this hotel for May 08!! Got fantastic deal with Thomson for full board

We have read the reviews but would like to hear from folk that have been regarding views from balcony. Do any have partial sea view? Is there anything in particualr we should request?

Any info about resort appreciated, thanks.
We emailed the hotel about 4 weeks before we went last year and asked if we could have a sea view if possible. They said they couldn't confirm it but would try - and they did. We ended up on the 4th floor directly over the pool and could see the sea to our left and then could see the beach etc. of Santa Elilia directly ahead of us - it was a very nice view and an excellent hotel in a very good location!

You'll have a great time!
Great!!! Thanks!!
Sorry, when I said I asked for a sea view, I meant I asked for a pool view - but that came with the sea view too.
My, you were spoilt - pool and seaview!!! :wink: :lol:

Looking forward to going. Got 2 other hols to go first though!!
Going back to the Ereso for the 4th time in July/August, just wondering if anyone has been to the hotel this season, saw a report on another web site that the food was awful, i find this a little difficult to believe because the food is always of good standard. So hoping someone can put my mind at rest, also have they kept the same company doing the entertainment, i realise i would be asking a little to much to expect the same guys to be there, but hoping anyone new would be of the same standard?
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luci :wave
Bongo could you please give a review of the hotel if you haven't already done so. Just click on the Hotel Review at the top of the page.
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