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If you haven't done this already- put your destination into wundergrounds trip planner. You might find that the rain is only at certain times of the day. We were in Penang in April quite a few years back. We got very heavy rain but usually late on and often in the early hours of the morning.
Hi Shirley
We have only ever been to Penang in Nov and April and only ever had heavy rain in the evening so have not found it to be a problem, was in Cambodia last Nov and it was roasting.
Thaks Sheppo , Cambodia is also a possibility, love the place :)
Hi Shirley

We have done Langkawi in November once and it was ok. Yes! we did get some rain and I remember sending a card to my workmates drawing rain on it saying Dear Mudder, dear Farder... they say we're bound to have some fun when it stops raining. However, it did stop and the sun came out and we went out to play and enjoyed our time there.

We are booked and payed to go to Phuket in October (direct flight so not touching Bangkok) Our tickets are promo fares with V Australia as they have just introduced flights to Thailand. So if we don't go we forfeit the whole fare.

Cheers Geri
In case anyone should find this thread by means of the search function, please note that Malaysia in November is pushing it a little, especially if you're looking to visit the East Coast or the islands around Tioman.

November is the start of the NE monsoon, and although generally in full swing only in December, the prelude in November can be quite wet and quite gloomy too.

The resorts remain open till well into December, some, like Rawa, even remain open throughout the NE monsoon. But you'll find that the weather is not really all that enjoyable, not to mention that the boat trip there and back can be quite a soaking and choppy affair.

The NE monsoon tapers off in February, after which the finest months to visit Malaysia are ushered in: the rest of the year :)
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