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I'm afraid they will all be cramped, 4 hours isnt that long, well not to me as we usually go to Florida every other year.

All flights do seem to be a lot more expensive this year than any other year that I can remember. We bought our flights for August this year as soon as they were released, through Aegeanflights.com and paid £96 each. They are a lot more than that now.

Have a look at

http://www.easyjet.com (Gatwick to Dalaman)


Failing that I would get a cheap package and just use the flights, if you can find something more reasonable.
Hi michaelsmum,

Considering that it is BA and there are 8 of you flying, that doesn't seem that bad a price at the moment. It only works out at £250 each. Most of the charter flights at the moment are all over £200.

Hope that this helps.
try KTHY...www.kthy.net... they are cyprus turkish airline. the website is rubbish but the phone numbers are useful
also easy jet now go to dalaman but don't know how much legroom there is.
Don't fly thomas cook... hardly any room at all on their cattle class!
please read this previous post about flights to Antalya...


I had posted a few links for help in finding cheap flights...
i have to agree going to turkey a few times every year for over 25 years ive never seen flight prices so dear, we booked with aegean flights when they came out sorry sarong but it was june not aug and we only paid around £75 within an hour of looking they had gone up from £70 to £75 now these flights are £366 each which is around the price i paid for 5 of us, crazy !!! last year h4u were around the £150- £190 most of the summer now even they are about £330 each not sure why the flight prices are double this year as turkey have had a fairly bad last 2 seasons tourist wise and surely this isnt going to help. i wonder if they will reduce more flights last min this year than they normally have as i cant see many people paying such high flight prices or are they trying to stop diy holidays and encourage people to do packages :que . good luck you might have to change your dates and airports to get a good price now
i managed to find flights for 8 of us in july (easyjet)for 3 weeks gatwick dalaman only cost 980 which is not far from the price of 4 i paid last year
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