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Hi courtney-jade,
Just found this :

I think this is in the vicinity of Capo bay hotel.


I think I have seen another webcam thread so I will have another look.
thanks, getting really excited for my hol (even though its not until sept!)
going to keep looking up the sun

thank you
Sorry Courtney-jade just looked at the site I just gave you, and its not much to look at is it :oops: :oops:

I am getting excited too. Can't wait for June :fly

i was quite usefull really cos some of our wedding party are staying at the sunrise beach
Hi Everyone!
H2B sent a mail last week to Sunrise letting them know the webcam was not working - and hey! The webcam is working again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smiles :D
Great web cam and good veiws do you know of any more around cyprus.
hi everyone these are very mint webcams the veiws are buitiful we always go to protaras and everything is lovely
if there is any more coming can you please put the link on


courtney xx
Hi everyone,
Found this on another thread for those people going with thomsons

View Destination and it shows video of hotels.

Are there any websites or services, that is accessible to the public for viewing webcams in paphos or if not anywhere in cyprus?
I think there is only one and that is in Protaras, below
There used to be a web cam on the harbour road over the watch shop but the owners closed it down...shame...we used to meet there with other members from different web sites and wave at the web cam, god knows what the passing tourist used to think we got up to there, and the jewellers always gave us black looks thinking we were casing the shop.. :D
Aah, memories. I used to love that one Jim :sulk

I remember the first time we found it (physically I mean). We were walking along in Paphos and suddenlyI thought "I know exactly where we are!" I had seen the view from the camera so many times! Sure enough there it was (I think the camera is actually still there?)

It is Ady but dead unfortunatly..
Can you all not set one up?... :lol
Thats a great idea,,, jims pafos

we shoud start a campaign, i can supply a camera
We have discussed this before, the problem being you would need Broadband connection and in Cyprus it is as I can tell you expensive, one meg broadband if you can get it cost £40cy£ a month not UK sterling, so you can see a problem straight away, it is fine if like the old watch shop you have a business to run the cost through but a privateer would need deep pockets..shame..I know how much it meant to me while I lived in the UK to see Pafos harbour wall and a palm tree!! and the odd tourist strolling by!

see this link for a shot of me and my good friend Ada with the web cam above the watch shop, this was a few years ago on a Sunday morning when England beat Argentina in the world cup finals..I am on the scooter, Ada is the handsom one..
  • Edited by jimbox 2005-07-12 16:49:58
fantastic photo jim..

£40 cyp per month OUCH! i hate pying £25 gbp per month for my connection... all good ideas have to start somewhere !
companies in cyprus is a set price, or can you tell them stuation, on what you want to do, and see if they will negotiate?
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