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Haven`t been to Skye, but love the west of Scotland. Just a word of warning, if you`re going between June an d September, get a good midge repellent, they nearly ate me alive last year at Loch Lomond!!

Midges are likely to be less of a problem on Skye than near Loch Lomond - especially around the coast the wind off the sea tends to keep them away. It's worth bearing in mind that they'll always be a bigger problem in areas where there is still water and boggy ground - they lay their eggs in peat bogs and such like and they'll always be more of problem in the evening because they hatch and rise from the ground at dusk.

Oil of Citronella, available from chemists is a good deterrent. Put some on a piece of cotten wool or tissue and rub it over exposed skin. In badly infested areas it's best to wear trousers and a longsleeved shirt and I find the just applying it to my wrists and ankles is enough to keep them away. And if you do get bitten, taking some Piriton greatly relieves the itching - again available over the counter from any pharmacy.

Skye is a beautiful place with some wonderful beaches which will keep your little cousin happy. I can't comment on the Serpentarium but the Otter centre is well worth the visit.

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