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Thank you. :)
I did read the link before just didn't know if it still stood as it was posted in March 07.

Is there any where in Es Cana that changes travellers cheques, I can`t remember seeing anywhere last time I was there. If there is is the rate ok or would I be better going into Santa Eulalia ?
there is a shop just up from the chip shop that's on the front on the corner and last year we found that to have the best exchange rate, it's a shop that sells everything just facing the square you just ask at the cash desk.
hope this helps :cheers
Thanks Myra313, the square is that the waste ground with the fair on it ? Is the exchange near to Popyes ? or nearer Apaches ? I can`t remember a chip shop.
hi christine.
yes it's the one with the fairground the shop is facing that it's got papers and that outside . across the road is a chemist and a doctors . sorry it's actually a sit -in chip shop and it's really good as well. i can't mind what pub is beside it ,sorry. there's seats just up from the shop and i think the buses stop there as well .
hope this helps....
Thanks Mayra I will have a look when we get there.

Ps I know where you mean now, we used to go in there last time we were in Es Cana.
Hi, going to san antonio next monday till friday, usually when i go on hols i take enough euros to see me through the first day or so and take cash to change while i'm there. With the rate not being great would i be better changing my money before i go or just do what i usually do, thanks for any ideas. Jo x
Just returned from Es Cana. Eschanged rate varied between 1.12 and 1.14 during the time we wre there.

Eating out was not as expensive as I had expected it to be - in fact in lots of instances it was much better value than at home.

Drinks varied. Apache's was very cheap but the hotel was astromonical - 10.50E for a Barcadi Breezer and Bacardi and Coke. Needless to say we only had one there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rofl
All the ATM's charge for cash withdrawal. Maestro does not appear to have the same issues as over here. Take some euros and sterling and change it over there - better exchange rate. Enjoy your holiday :sun2
hi all,
friends of mine are of to ibiza on sunday and have asked me to ask if anybody knows how much they are giving for the pound
over there as they like to take english and exchange to euro,s there.

thanks all
rates changed daily.....but 1.19 was the highest 1.17 the lowest
at the art shops in es cana
It was 1.19 at our apartments (Sal Rossa) for most of our stay from 23 june till 7 july

Started off at 1.16 and when I asked the reception she said they got a call every morning at around 11am to tell them what the rate was, so it can change at any time

at this time is it better to get euros in the uk or wait until i get there a week on friday.. :cheers
That depends on whether you think the rate is going to rise or fall by then.. The truth is, no-one knows.

However it also depends where you get your currency from. There is a big difference between the best and worst rates in the UK, let alone abroad. You need to do your homework.

luci :wave
;) please help going to ibiza tommorrow would you get euros here or get them over there

thanks janet :que
now here's my tip. if anyone in the queue in front of you is brandishing a savings book, save yourself a 20 minute wait while they struggle with the concept of computerisation, and go to another machine. one in front of me the other day was reading all the menus out loud before deciding on which button to press.
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