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Mens needs
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You can get your Mach 3 blades here but they are expensive!!!
Why don't you treat yourself to a shave everyday at the local barbers, it's probably the best shave you'll ever have (so I'm told).
GFF xxx

I know they are expensive :yikes , because of my (soft as a babies bum) skin I need them. :kiss so as not to look like a zit farm.

just wondering if they are cheeper in GGoa

You'll still be better off with the cut throat.

Smoothest shave I've ever had
Saw them in a number of shops in Candolim and bought some myself. Can't remember how much they were but I think were slightly cheaper than UK.
hi lezlie i looked at buying mach3 blades in mapusa and they were about the same price as UK, i'll need to buy some today at supermarket before i leave for Goa on Sunday :hyper
Fritz, I guess you didn't see the play 'Sweeny Todd' :yikes ,
I think I will shave myself.

MCB, Bobbsy thanks for the info, being a mizzer from way back thought i may save a shilling or two.

:fly lez :fly 2 weeks today i will be in Goa
My hubby goes every 2 days for a shave whilst in goa ,he loves them
and comes back really shaved all for just 50rps
How true this is I dont know but, a friend of my brothers was telling me that when he went to Goa a few years ago I think it was in the North - he was shaved by a blind man with a cut throat, but he had a party trick- he did it with his feet!!!! :yikes :lol:

He swears blind (forgive the pun :wink: that this is true) However he did say he did a good job :D
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