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You have echoed my own thoughts exactly.

If you do go back to Ibiza I would suggest that you stay in Santa Eulalia which is probably the best town on the island for couple that don't want a lively night everytime. Ibiza Town is the best night out in the island. Santa Eulalia is famous for its outstanding resturants which put Es Cana to shame and laid back attitude.

I actually know Charlies bar very well (as I used to work there through the entertainments company) and it is indeed the best bar in Es Cana by a mile.

I would to say to everybody, read the comments above and avoid San An unless you like been sufficated by a sea of Burberry! :D
Thanks for your report Natski - would you please add your hotel review HERE as this will greatly assist future visitors to these apartments.

Thanks :wave
visited Es Cana and found it to be very ordinary - a bit Blackpooly if anything...
agree about Ibiza Town - without doubt the best place on the island.
Just came back from Ibiza town last weekend and have to agree that its gone up in my estimation as Ive always visited the San Antonio area (which is still worth a visit, primarily because of the youth and chill out culture).

I visited Es Cana for the day and was relatively pleased, nice little harbour and some nice restaurants albeit a little low key for me, bought some cream cakes from the pastry shop on the corner of the harbour next to the little fountains which were scrumptious (do you know it naski?)
I disagree with the comments regarding es cana. We have 2 children and we found es cana to be the best resort in ibiza. You can do as much or as little as you like, there is busses, taxies and ferries on hand if you want to go and explore, and for the kids you have some great pools, the nice beach and even a little fair to keep them entertained. I thought popeyes was a great pub too. There is watersports and some nice restaurants on the front. I agree charlies and marvents are great though. We have stayed in sargamassa and santa eulalia and in our opinion es cana is tops. In fact we are going to es cana on wednesday. We are staying in the es cane playa apartments.
:) hi we have stayed in es cana twice and i would go back any time,we had such good times there and it always draws me back.i think the comparisons to blackpool are a bit unfair,yes perhaps a commercialised seaside town,but its quite small and very friendly.the first time we went i was breifly dissapointed at the roast beef and other english food on the menus but you could always find something continental and the kids always ate everything,especially at the marvent,and never a dicky tummy from anywhere,also because it is a seaside resort as opposed to a working town(santa eulalia)i found it more friendly.we stayed in santa eulalia in june,and i must admit that the teenagers were a bit unnerving at weekend,nearly cycling in to you on the prom,and by the bridge to siesta,but you can get this anywhere.on the whole if you travel with family es cana is the best base to be,making odd trips on bus or water taxi to ibiza town or santa eulalia.we are visiting ibiza next june for 4 nights without the kids,and we have chosen to stay between the two resorts at the sol s'argamassa hotel and plan to hava a night in each place and 1 in ibiza town :D :D :D cant any tips on s'argamassa would be good mo :)
Es Cana was like a 'laid back' Santa Eulalia, with maybe a slightly younger person there. Prefered SA myself tho.
just adding my twopence worth!!
we stayed at the la perla hotel in es cana in september last year and found the resort delightful- we are both fifty something and loved the peace and quiet of the resort - no holiday touts, lager louts etc( apart from hippy market day)not a resort for the young brigade but plenty bars restaurants etc for us oldies - i will definately return to es cana and would stay again at la perla which is a delightful little self catering/ hotel(family run)
only downside was resort hoppa whom we had paid for transfers let us down and we had to get taxi both ways.
We visited Es Cana first time in Ibiza, it was enough to make sure we never booked a holiday there! Lovely beach and clean water spoilt by a sea of pot bellied england shirt wearing families covered in bling and nose cream. Chav kids running around in beckham shirts and burberry trunks. :rofl

Thank god it was only a day trip...... :bow

I apologise if anyone reading this are guilty of such blatant fashion crime. :tut

Karaoke, bingo, egg n chips, oooh dear.. :yuck
personally would choose santa eulalia if only for the excellent restaurants, for nightlife it is a bit quiet butnot everyone wants it lively
in reply to simon p we are definatly not chavs,in fact my kids despise them being guitar freaks,anyway we saw more chavs in santa eulalia beleive it or not when we stayed last year,but es cana is one of our favorite places ever,having said that we only have visited, late may early june,so cant comment on july,august wonder if simon p visited on a wednesday hippy market day when all un sundry visit to go to the market,not the best day to get a good dad has travelled the world hes 86,and he says that there is no where nicer than es cana.we are in s'argamassa on june 1st to 5 th and will be visiting es cana,get ready jacaranda,marvent, etc,and also 1 week at the end of season,fiesta cala nova hotel,cant wait.if you dont like es cana, :shock: :shock: :shock: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: good,more for us mo
Actually on reflection mobeckwith is quite right it was hippy market day and there was an england match on the same day! Positive points there is a really good glass bottomed boat trip from es cana. Minus points.... Hippy market was too hot and full of timeshare hawkers. It was not a good experience for us......still the egg n chips heineken brigade and karaoke at some dive bar with one of those bucking bronco rides did not do anything for us. Please if anyone has any good ideas of where to go in es cana (apart from 2 miles offshore or a land train) for the day to experience that wonderful traditional ibiza experience then let me know... :lol:
Mobeckwith - apologies if any offence I wasnt calling you a chav just the people we saw :wave
no offence taken,yes i admit the first time i went, i was breifly dissapointed re.british menus in restaurants etc,but when you are there for some length of time it grows on you,ps thought the glass bottom boat was pants,because we felt sick following an overindulgence the night before,it was an experience never to be repeated after a large breakfast.when you go abroad with kids,it doesnt take you long to realise that if the kids are happy the parents are to,and es cana caters for that. :) :) :) cana is so near to santa eulalia so if its sofistication you want,its literally 5 mins away on the bus,also ibiza town is accessable,and thats a really good night out for all ages (if you are open minded :shock: :shock: :shock: also simonp i would be interesetd as to where you were staying,perhaps san an bay,san miguel or portinaxt. mo :) :)
You might be the right person to speak to! We love ibiza, originally majorca freaks avoiding ibiza for fear of clubbers and noise but fell in love with san eu. Done a few self caterings at Atlas apartments in Siesta eventually falling for the Fiesta don carlos next door (going again jun 19th). Probs with us are family of two adults, a 14 yr old, 7yr old and 5 yr old....and woo hoo another one due in november! Where will we get a half board family suite for 5 and a baby in 2007! We have actually considered camping at the site in es cana on the right as you drive in from san eu but the females in the family just shout me down on that idea.
I notice you have stayed at fiesta hotel (cant fault the don carlos) but dont want to go back to self catering.. :shrug
the hotel club siesta has family suites for 5,these are superior dvd etc,this is where we stayed last year, basically 5 mins up the hill from the don carlos book with eclipse direct/first choice,excellent clean hotel.the baby doesnt count as a place untill you should be ok in the usual haunts.the fiesta group as you know is well geared for families,and lots of there properties have innterconnecting rooms,we have booked direct this year for the fiesta cala nova,and it works out much cheaper than the travel agents check out the reviews :) :) :) :) ps.the hotel club siesta is a first choice family flagship hotel and they are kid friendlly plus plus plus,the kids clubs are for all
thanks for that, we got a good deal this year, family suite half board at the Don Carlos for the family 2 adults and 3 kids (because son is 14 its actually 3 adults and 2 kids ) for £2300 for 2 weeks in Jun/Jul). plus another £200 for the fully inclusive drinks upgrade. Maybe Im ripped off dont know? but when your kids tell you what they want I give in, The kids worship the entertainment staff at the don carlos (same 2 yrs running!) and refuse to go anywhere else! Club siesta looks good and I think we will have a nosey when we go over in June. How sad is this half midnight talking bout ibiza? :oops:
Its funny as i have been visiting ibiza for 30 plus yrs.. as a young child.. my first hol with the girls (san an) and then on and off ever since with 2 children 9 and 5.. we r very lucky to have our own family place in roca llisa but visited es canar on Sunday... sad to say we were disappointed.. v brits abroad.. i made a comment as to a bit 'skeg vegas'.. sorry... cala llonga beach for the kids.. santa eularia for a chilled night out ( or amante in cala llonga) or ibiza town a must.. benniras beach Sunday's a def.. not for me.. but hey.. would be no fun if we all wanted the same.. enjoy guys.. whatever and wherever you go
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