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I don't foresee any problems here. She is old enough to travel on her own (though check with the carrier), and should remember the procedure from previous trips.

Make sure she has her crisp £10 note, and perhaps have a friend see her off at the UK airport, so that she knows the importance of the barcoded stubbs that are in effect a baggage receipt, and who can telephone you to say that all is well, the flight is in the air with her on it ........... and meet her at the other end!
Tell her to make sure she holds the 10 pound note separate from the passport and not put inside the front cover of the passport as though it is one document, when she goes to get her visa.
When you book the flight make sure you double check that they will allow a 17year old to travel alone. The year before last we tried to book a flight for our 16year old daughter and her friend to join us at our apartment, the booking was first of all accepted by Thomas Cook, then rejected the next day as they said they would not accept under 18's alone. It took us a while to find an airline who would accept them, and the agents seemed to have conflicting opinions. In the end the flight was booked with First Choice. Don't know the situation this year, but you need to check it out.
my daughter and 2 of her mates went to turkey at 17, 2 years ago for a week and they had no problems at all, my mother does live there so at least i knew she was there if there was any problems ,im sure she will be ok, ive checked with some companies recently for my son who will be 17 this summer and xl, and most turkish airlines said they would let him travel at 17, im sure fc said it was ok too, but some companies dont allow it
I travelled to Dalaman airport, then onto Icmeler on my own when I was 18. I was the same, went to stay with my parents for their last week.
I didn't have any problems. I was fortunate that I was sat next to a lovely Scottish woman, who actually stayed in Turkey. She stayed with me when I got off the plane and then until I had paid my visa. Then I got my case and went outside to get on my bus. I was fortunate that my parents had told the company we booked with, that I was going to be on my own, so they rep looked out for me and got me straight on the bus and to my apartment safely. Everyone is so friendly, there shouldn't be any problems. I was scared, but now I know there was nothing to worry about. In fact, I think my mother was more anxious than I was.
Thank you for you replies . My friend is taking her to the airport and we will be picking her up at dalaman, i suppose I'm being a bit over protective a my daughter keeps telling me not to worry and she is seeing it as an adventure. We are travelling on onur air and A1 have told us to send a letter to them saying we allow her to travel and to take one to the airport in case she needs to show the desk.
she should have no problems, the permission letter is important more for the legal side for the tour operator. and if your meeting her at the airport then she'll be in one of the most safest places in the world - the airport an then on a plane. as long as she gets on the right plane, has her passport tickets and her £10 quid to get in she'll be fine. and apart from which the new dalaman is much easier to navigate than the old one.

Louise x
I think 17 is old enough for such a trip with no problems (but I know parents'll be rightfully concerned no matter what anyone says). Besides, Turkish airport terminals aren't large places where people can get lost.

My sister flew Boston-Ankara (with connection) back and forth by herself when she was 16.
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