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Hi shoeshopper

yes there are buses from ibiza town to san miguel, here are the times

San Miguel - Santa Gertrudis - Can Clavos - Ibiza & Return
San Miguel : 08.00 & 15.30 (Mon to Fri) & 18.30 (Thurs)
Ibiza : 12.00 & 19.00 (Mon to Fri) & (Thurs) 16.45

San Miguel - S. Mateu - Can Xuruiana - Santa Gertrudis - Sant Miguel & Return
San Miguel : 07.30 & 12.30
Links with Ibiza @ 08.00
the Return links with Ibiza @ 12.00

here is a link which tells you allthe bus times and major destinations.
:D Thanks for that lukey. :D
yes there are buses from ibiza town to san miguel, here are the times.......

Does that bus go to Puerto San Miguel (ie. beach resort) or is it just to the village up in the hills?
the bus from ibiza town goes to san miguel, however there is a regular local bus service which runs from san miguel into puerto san miguel which is only two miles away.
Thanks cyberspacekadette and lukey. We have stayed there twice but i couldn't remember the bus times. It might be easier getting a taxi!
Thanks for the info lukey :D We're off to Puerto San Miguel in August, and with it only being a tiny resort, I may just take the bus out one day for a change of scenery.
There is a website for the buses in Ibiza
Hi does any one know if you can get a bus from Santa Eulalia to Portinatx.Also how much would that cost in a taxi.Thanks
yes you can get a bus - only 3 a day and not on Saturdays and Sundays.

Here's the timetable

I'm guessing it's about a 15km journey so a taxi would be around 15 to 20Euro.

any help greatly appreciated,on bus numbers running from san an bay to west end or close to it.
apparently there is also a disco bus, :que
we used taxis and water taxis last year but the euro wont go as far this year!

cheers for any help

old man with young heart ha ha

There are numerous buses that run thru the bay and back to town - about every 15 minutes or so. The bus stops all have times on them. They run until aound midnight.

The discobus runs every hour from 1.00am until 7.00am from town back to the bay.

Do remember that (because of one way system) the buses run on the road through the bay towards Port Des torrent and they run along the 'top road' back to SA Town.

The new promenade is now fully open and runs from Hotel Hawaii to the centre if you feel energetic.

cheers John

that should sort us out just lovely,roll on the 8th july :)

heyjude1965 where you staying in the bay,? sending you a map pm.
can anyone help me here.

if i wanted to get the bus from san antonio bay to es cana, would i be able to go direct from the bay or would i need to go to san antonio town first, and would i then be able to go to es cana direct or would i need to change at ibiza town first.

im slightly confused about this.

cheers for any info recieved.

there is no direct bus to need to go to san antonio town bus station first to get a bus to ibizatown then s/e then es cana,but i think there is a bus to s/e then its 18 to es cana.hire a car is better
Hi we are looking at getting about a bit on the bus during our stay, we have found the Ibizabus web site and the service looks great.

One question, do we buy return tickets ie; is it cheaper or as in some places we have visited do they only sell one way?
you can buy a book of 20 tickets which will give you a saving of about 30% (ish) so if there are a few of you and you're using the bus quite often they're are quite useful.

details here

do they sell return tickets on the bus these days in the UK?

spottydogII wrote:
do they sell return tickets on the bus these days in the UK?

Yes they do .
Hi its August 31st 2016 I'm in San antionio and want to go to the market at Es Canary
It's it open every day and is it acessaable by bus? Thnx
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