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Jul 13, 2014

Taiwan has seen an increase in UK tourists of almost 50% in the first part of the year. I've ne…

Last post by PeteB 2014-07-29 15:12:27

Apr 14, 2013

Me and my girlfriend would like to fulfill our dream of visiting Japan in the coming years, but we h…

Last post by Aslemma 2014-07-23 19:35:42

May 3, 2014

This is Ta Phrom. It was quite a mystical place. Looking forward to going back in the summer. Does …

Last post by Fiona 2014-07-16 15:33:26

Apr 27, 2014

Anyone recognise this place?

Last post by gerib 2014-05-02 00:36:59

Mar 26, 2014

I didn't know about this when we first went to Siem Reap. I will definitely make point of visit…

Last post by Judith 2014-03-26 17:06:07

Mar 10, 2014

We are going back in July. I wasn't well for some of the time we went( spend most of one day in…

Last post by Fiona 2014-03-13 08:44:50

Feb 4, 2014

We're heading to Vietnam in March for 3 weeks. I can't decide whether to apply online for…

Last post by Fiona 2014-02-23 17:12:39

Nov 12, 2013

Hi just about to book holiday to Ho Chi Minh City and Hoi an and need some advice please. Which is t…

Last post by WillebyJ 2014-01-18 11:19:44

Jan 14, 2014

Hi Can anyone help with the baggage alliance from LHR-BKK?

Last post by WillebyJ 2014-01-17 12:42:19

Dec 1, 2013

We are due to stay at the Mia Nha Trang, Vietnam for 2 weeks arriving on the 26th Dec. Can anyone gi…

Last post by BCake 2013-12-05 11:21:00

Oct 23, 2013

Hi All I've just started thinking about next years holiday and Cambodia has been on my 't…

Last post by PeteB 2013-10-27 11:17:59

Apr 6, 2013

Can anybody please give me some advice on the best way to get our visa's for Vietnam, we are du…

Last post by arelayo 2013-09-21 19:36:41

Sep 15, 2011

Hi we are going to Vietnam at Christmas, can anyone advise on prices food drink taxis ect we will be…

Last post by Fiona 2013-09-02 13:12:41

Jul 3, 2013

A personal view and opinion based on two weeks in late June 2013 Our trip to Bali was very much a l…

Last post by Phil 2013-07-29 22:17:10

May 18, 2013

Dear all , I'm traveling with my wife from London to Phuket , and I have a little concern about…

Last post by Fiona 2013-05-19 07:06:51

Jan 8, 2012

Advice please on best way to travel to Malaysia - DIY or package? Thinking of Langkawi for a beach h…

Last post by rickt 2013-04-24 13:41:34

Nov 23, 2012

I'm considering Bali for our hoiday next year and have a few questions please (I'm sure Pe…

Last post by puddleduck2 2013-04-23 20:43:47

Jan 6, 2012

hi all, having served in hk in the wrac way back 1978-1980 it is my dream to go back for a visit. lo…

Last post by hokaeu 2013-04-22 03:18:12

Jul 10, 2007

5 more sleeps :D :D :D :D :D

Last post by hokaeu 2013-04-18 07:46:48

Mar 8, 2013

Staying in Kuala Lumpur at the Doubletree by Hilton, this is being paid for by company, looking to s…

Last post by Fiona 2013-03-08 17:02:11

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